The Stormy Plains

A dark and stormy knight

Our story begins in the Rhydannis Plains, where three travelers have stumbled across Hightower Tor during a terrible storm. Mephistopheles enters the main room of the tor to find Quinn Everfrost wet and scared having just been seperated from his party, Balic and Irilmis. Once Kaeltor Paleriver sneaks in and reveals himself the newly formed party decides to take a look around this place some while they wait for the storm to pass.

Upon opening the door to there right they find a chest. After removing the darts from the trap they sprung opening the chest they find a Translator’s ring.

Moving back into the main room to inspect the other doors our adventures find the door they came in has collapsed shut. Soon after this realization thunder shakes the doors from their hinges and they fall to the floor. Rats scurry from the door to the left and engage the adventures in combat. Our adventures make quick work of the rodents and search the room the came from finding nothing.

The long hallway to the north leads to a smaller room with a hole in the ceiling letting rain fall into the room and down a drain in the center of the aging bloodstained floor. As our adventures search the room they find some gold coins and a small obsidian statue in the shape of a humanoid hidden away in a secret drawer.

Our adventurers encounter a group of spiders in the next room but quickly dispatch them also, chasing down the last one and striking him down.

Noticing a flame trap in the hallway beyond door at the end of the room the adventures are able to disable it and move to the next room easily. In doing so they awaken a long dead bugbear warrior revered by the goblins who built this temple years ago. Even though he threw a spear through Mephistopheles and pinned him to the ground he was able to pull the spear out and with the help of his party defeat the once great knight. Before he died he uttered the words “we shall meet again in hell” and then something else that no one understood before slitting his own throat. a pink mist spills from his throat and fills the room quickly dissipating through cracks in the old stone walls.

Our adventures loot a magical dagger from the knight and some jade from the statues surronding him before heading back to the room with the hole in the ceiling and climbing up the rope hanging from it.

After some trouble our party makes it up the rope to find the beginnings of a goblin setup to lower supplies into the tor. sneaking up on the goblins as they return with lumber and supplies our adventures start to leave but Quinn Everfrost notices something suspicious sticking out of their cart. Trading favors with Mephistopheles he convinces the rest of the group to confront the goblins. things don’t go to well and although the goblins were defeated, Quinn Everfrost was killed.

so our party loads the corpse of their new friend onto the back of the newly acquired cart and head towards the town of Anglion where Quinn Everfrost was from.



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