The Stormy Plains

The road to Anglion

After traveling for a few hours our party, now only two, begin to make out the tops of some of the taller building in Anglion. They also notice a large wooden wagon in the road ahead with skeletons leading prisoners to the back. while riding by a mage grasping the hand of a minotaur comes from behind the wagon and tells the party to leave. Our adventurers, not in the habit of being told what to do, engage the skeletons in fisticuffs. with a well placed flame seed most of the skeletons are taken out, leaving only the mage and a few archers. Until Mephistopheles grabs Uralden’s Sword of Torment and turns his attacks on Kaeltor Paleriver.

With strength of mind Mephistopheles is able to free himself from the control of the sword. The battle continues on and enemies fall and then Mephistopheles, still holding the sword, has his mind taken from him again. Beating the sword one more time and dropping it to the ground our party defeats the mage who blows away as his body turns to dust. The last skeleton archer becomes a crow and flies to the front seat of the wagon and retrieves a scroll before flying off.

The two parties meet and disable the sword. The also find a list of 5 town names in the front of the wagon:Celuarion, Atlur, Olmul, Nuburis, and Inwold. After working out why the cart they arrived in was full of dead people the two groups decide to travel together to Anglion in the cart and wagon they now have. Mephistopheles drives the golbin cart that smells of death and the rest of the travelers: Val’Jeen, Adran, Regdar, Talon Evergrace, and the parties leader, Labrynthia, take the wagon the mage had been traveling in. Kaeltor Paleriver takes the form of a raven and flies along side the caravan.



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